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Neolithic and later Y-Hg migrations to Europe, CC-BY ChrisR

Ancient Y-DNA discussion: no J2a in pre-Bronze Europe?   Recently updated !

UPDATE 10 November 2014: The publication of DNA data from Neolithic to Iron Age Hungary did make a revision of this article necessary, as the sample BR2 (ca. 3,200 years old) was found to be positive for J2a-M67-CTS6619. His autosomal analysis lets suspect that he descends mainly from Western ancestors with no near connections to […]

First Stats based on regrouping in J-Project@FTDNA (1,503 J2 kits). See Google J2-M172_spreadsheet > Stats Main Groups > 2014-01-06 (in order of importance):  J2a1a1b1a1-M67 28.1%, J2a1a1a1-L24 23.5%, J2b2a1-L283 10.7%, J2a1b-Z6046 5.5%, J2a1a1a2-PF5197 5.4%, J2a1a1b-PF5116 (xM67,M319) 4,4%, J2a1a2-Z6055 4.1 %, J2a2-PF5008,L581 3.4%, J2a1a1b1a1-M319 2.7%, J2b1-M205 2.3%, etc.


Minimal reference J2 phylogeny

The makers of the mtDNA reference phylogeny (Mannis van Oven, et al.) did setup a “minimal reference” for the Y-DNA haplogroups. Team members are in contact with Mannis to achieve an updated and optimized J2-M172 minimal  reference: . Primary goals of [...] optimal  global  discrimination capacity  based  on  a  strongly  reduced  set  that  includes  […]



J2 phylogeny in 1000 Genomes Project

Under the lead of Greg Magoon a group of citizen scientists (including J2-M172 team members Bonnie Schrack and Chris Rottensteiner) where involved in the analysis of a high-resolution a priori maximum parsimony Y-chromosome (“chrY”) phylogeny created from data of 1292 male samples in the 1000 Genomes Project. 63 of those samples are in haplogroup J2-M172 […]

J/J2 fusion under way @ FTDNA

J2-Project admin Angela Cone who has blogged in Nov. 2012 about the reasons of low activity since 2008: “Sir Nico, Earthquakes, and Hypodopaminergia” and already announced her wish to have of team of  co-admins, everyone dedicated to a speciality area. “Before this new J2 project incarnation can fully emerge, there will be a period of metamorphosis over […]



Y-DNA J-Project @FTDNA History 2006-2013

The “J-Project” was founded by Bonnie Schrack in 2006 and until 2013 has done considerable research in the J2 area, mainly SNP research (Z385-Z639, Z2220-Z2397) from public Y-Sequences to improve the Haplogroup-Phylogeny and provide updates to the ISOGG tree (accepted also by scientists). To backup important news from this time period and make them available […]

J2 Y-DNA Project @FTDNA History 2007-2013

The “J2 Y-DNA Project ” was founded by Costa Tsirigakis and Angela Cone in 2006 and until 2013 has done considerable research in the J2 area, mainly STR-Cluster research to provide an answer to the question if sub-clades can be reliably predicted from extended haplotypes. See Site Map for full content of the original pages […]