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My results shows me as J2a4 [example]. Why is my haplogroup name not used here and in the project group name?

Haplogroup names are very volatile as the tree gets refined constantly. Always use the terminal SNP you have been tested for, in the example here the historical name at FTDNA completely would be J2a4-L26. You can find name versions for the following test providers: FTDNA, Genographic Project, 23andMe

I have 12 (or 25) STR-markers. My kit was not grouped and I do not have matches. Why?

Only a rough grouping may be possible without detailled Haplogroup/SNP test. Marker upgrade and/or SNP chip test (like Geno 2.0) is suggested to find distant matches.

I have 37 (or 67) STR-markers. What can you tell me?

Depending on your haplotype and SNP tests a basic to good clustering may be possible. Advanced SNP test is suggested.

Why do you always suggest to do (advanced) SNP Tests?

Advanced SNP Tests are needed to refine (or certify) deep clades and to confirm matches not clearly in one haplogroup (overlapping haplotypes).

Looking at the Y-DNA Classic Chart I can’t find my result?

To view all results, please set Page Size to 3000.