J2a-M67 haplogroup split by Z1847 aka PF5126

Main haplogroup near the J2a-M67 level (May 2015)

Main haplogroups near the J2a-M67 level (May 2015)

Since some time three Francalacci et al 2013 samples and in J2-M172 Project@FTDNA two BigY tested kits were in the M67* paragroup which means found not positive for the known M67 subclades Z467, Z500 and Z7671. The release of the higher coverage Francalacci et al 2015 data including a recently discovered more detailed substructure of Z467 (Z458 and S25258) and Z7671>S12459 made a re-analysis possible. All of the Francalacci et al 2013 samples (also included in the 2015 dataset) as well as one FTDNA BigY kit could be placed in M67 substructure. See following posts about this discoveries.

However one FTDNA BigY kit (M7018 Kuwait) did not show any derived SNPs substream of the known M67 equivalent SNPs. Since M67 now had 4 subclades it was unlikely another subclade without matching Y-Sequence results did exist. Ergo: a check of all the M67 haplogroup SNPs in the FTDNA BigY SNP list (known and novel SNPs).
Positive are  CTS354/PF5117, CTS5535/PF5129/Z2241, CTS6372/PF5130, M67/PF5137/S51, PF5120/Z2240, PF5135, PF5143.1, S23034/Z7562, Z2239
No-reads: PF5146/Z1845, Z2238
Not reported: FGC7859/Z8113
Negative: PF5126/Z1847

No raw-data to check the confidence of this call is available currently, but the split seems plausible and testing PF5126/Z1847 in M67* samples probably informative. Hopefully further testing will certify this split and reveal other members of the J2a-M67(xZ1847) paragroup.

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