A new J2b2-CTS3617 subclade: Z40052,Z40053

J2b2-CTS3617 subclade Z40052,Z40053 2016-03-07

J2b2-CTS3617 subclade Z40052,Z40053 2016-03-07

I was able to analyze the BigY SNP file of kit 158595 Balkan/Anatolia.
The nearest NGS match is B4848/YF03418 C.Italy.


3 shared SNPs not found in other samples so far which I have registered with Z-names:

23429009 C T J2b2a1a1b2 Z40052
8539814 G C J2b2a1a1b2 Z40053
16231183 T C J2b2a1a1b2 Z40054

It is suggested to get the BAM file and order YFull analysis as soon as possible to verify this manual analysis.

Another BigY match confidently CTS3617 with german sounding surname was invited to join the J2-M172 project to find out more about his J2 tree position.

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