Late 2013 J-Project: J/J2 @FTDNA project fusion under way, M172 Admins of J-Project joined J2 Project Admins to from a Research Team.

Nov. 2012 to Middle 2013 J-Project @FTDNA: Discovery of the basic clades in J2 trough Geno 2.0 results combined with 1000 Genomes analysis.

June 2012 J-Project: L1064 (under J2a-L26) available (together with L927, L250). New co-admin: Chris R. Redesign (Logo, Maps/Images, Typo) and restructuring of J-Project (1946 members incl. J1 at the update).

Sep. 2011 J-Project: Z451, Z548, and Z644 available (1000 Genomes). Under research: Z631, Z633, Z638,  Z639, Z574, Z575, Z498, Z502, Z508 and Z509.

Aug. 2011 J-Project: Tim Janzen L70+ restructuring. SNPs: L396, P244.2. WTY: J2-L581 brother clade to L26/L27!

June. 2011 J-Project: J2 clade name changes by WTY of member 177694. The 1000 Genomes Project searched for new SNPs, hundreds discovered. New only for J-L26: 133.

April 2011 J-Project: SNP chart.

March 2011 J-Project: Choose your own SNP possible. New Results Charts. Split of the L70+ cluster with L397 and L398 and J2-rs3958589 (L505)

Feb. 2010 J-Project: Additional SNPs in J2-L25 including L243, L254, L264, L267.

J-Project: SNPs of Nov. 2009 found in members. Update of Advanced J Orders.

Nov. 2009 J-Project: major findings through WTY:

  • L207.1 A6813448G found in J-L70 and J-L25 participants. May be synonomous with J-L24 or L25.
  • L210 A15001591T found in one J-M67 participant.
  • L212 T21120853C found in J-M67 and J-L25 participants.
  • L218 deletion at 20199329 found in J-M67 participant.
  • L227 C6919963T found in J-M67 participant.
  • L228 C7831358T found in J-M67 and J-L25 participants.
  • L229 C6813447T found in one J-L25 participant, ancestral in another.
  • L230 G20327921A found in one J-L25 participant, ancestral in another
  • L231 C13524835G found in one J-L25 participant, ancestral in J-M67. Ymap Browser.

J-Project New SNPs. J2: L88.2, L198.
SplitsTree diagrams of J2a4* for “rough clustering”.
Several members of J2 (L24+, 25+) have enrolled in WTY.
Tim Janzen (J2a>L26>L24>L25>DYS445≤7>L70) joins as co-admin.
New SNPs to order. J-M304: L60, L70!, L84.

J-Project J2a subclades receive new names. L25 downstream of L24 and L70 downstream of L25. Reevaluating L84, M158, M137, M318, M289.
First project members with P279+, P81+. Major L24 & L25 testing.

J-Project Analyzing 23andMe data (Adriano Squecco’s spreadsheets) to identify L24 (rs35248080), L25 (rs34534058), L26 (rs34459399) and L27 (rs34126399)!
M68 found in a project member from India.

Sep 2008 J-Project: 580 members. rs34126399G is equivalent to DYS413. rs35248080. Introduction of J2-M319.