Age Estimates

cultures of the Middle Halaf period (5200-4500 BC). CC-BY Pequod76

cultures of the Middle Halaf period (5200-4500 BC). CC-BY Pequod76

There is a wide range of age estimates for Y-chromosome and mtDNA haplogroups connected to estimates for expansion of modern Proto-Eurasians (non-African). See for example (BP = before present):

Our current estimate is based on Y-sequences (SNP counts) and a intermediate calibration point set at CDEF-M168 (see with 70 ka (kiloannus = thousend years) ago according to Karafet et al. 2009. The matching Y-Mutation rate is ca. 0.8×10^-9 mutations/nucleotide/year.
Using these guidelines J2 lived approx. 30,000 years ago probably in the Middle East, most probably in the area from the Glacial Arabo-Persian Gulf Oasis to the Zagros Mountains slopes. Full Y-Sequencing at high coverage (FGC, BigY) of enough J2a and J2b as well as J1, I, KLT, H, G, F, C and DE samples will make more accurate estimates possible in the future.

If you like to follow/join discussion on J2 haplogroup ages, look at this MolGen Forum thread: age of main J-M304 nodes (J1, J2, J2a, J2b) haplogroup.

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