Ancient J-M304, J-M172 J2 Y-DNA genomes

See Time Tree @ Discover FTDNA, ( by Jari Kinnunen Y-J), Ancient DNA sample ressource (Hunter Provyn, Carlos Quilles, Vadim Urasin), ArcGIS view (Karim Rouissi), Ancient chrY J2-M172 Haplogroup data and Ancient J2 Map (Ancient J2 Samples) by Ilhan Cengiz

See J2 (J-M172) main subclades tree with time estimates based on YFull YTree with priority of interest in the Near East (Caspian-Zagros-Caucasus):

  1. Temperature and sea level rise after the last Ice Age (from ca. 16000 BC) to the end of Epipalaeolithic – main subclades already formed in this time
  2. The Neolithic (Begin ca. 10500 BC) with agriculture/farming and animal domestication to the development of metallurgy – substantial diversification and expansion to South Asia and Balkan/Hungary
  3. Copper Age (ca. 4500 BC) to the End of Bronze Age – complex diversification and probably first substantial expansion to Europe
  4. Iron Age (1000 BC) to late Antiquity (500 CE)

Neolithic and earlier

Copper & Bronze Age

  • 4680-3662 BC Copper Age West Iran (Seh Gabi in High Zagros region of Kermanshah, sample I1662/SG7) in Lazaridis et al. 2016
  • ~3250 BC Turkmenistan (sample DA381) is
  • ~2583 BC NW Caucasus_LN (Unakozovskaya, sample skeleton 2a) in Wang et al 2018 is
    J2a-M67>Z1847>Z7671>CTS900>Z7661 (analysis by Sergey Malyshev)
  • ~2527 BC NW Caucasus_LN (Unakozovskaya, sample skeleton 2b) in Wang et al 2018 is
    J2a-M67>Z1847>Z7671>CTS900>Z7661>Y3020>Y11200 (analysis by Sergey Malyshev)
  • 2489-2299 BC Early Bronze Age North-Western Jordan (‘Ain Ghazal, sample I1730/AG_84_3083_116) in Lazaridis et al. 2016
    J2b-PF7331(xPF7312) [M205 equiv.];
  • ~2357 BC Greece (sample Kou01) is
    J2a-Z6064>Z6055>Z6057>Y7013>Y7010>Y13128>Z36834 (YFull)
  • ~2350 BC Central Italy (sample LSC002/004 La Sassa) in Saupe et al 2021 is
  • ~1900 BC Serbia (sample MOK15) is
  • ~1824 BC Kabardino-Balkaria NW Caucasus (sample KDC001) is
    J2b-L283* (YFull)
  • ~1805 BC Maykop (Nogir 3, sample BZNK-313/4) in Wang et al 2018 is
  • ~1793 BC Uzbekistan (sample I7421) is
    J2a2-PF5008(xL581) (YFull)
  • ~1586 BC C. Anatolia (sample MA2200) is
  • ~1550 (1700-1500) BC Croatia EM Bronze Age Balkans (Veliki Vanik, sample I4331, 3.1x) in Mathieson et al 2017 is
    J2b-L283>…>CTS3617,CTS9215,Y15058 (raw data check F. Veseli)
  • 1700-1200 BC Peloponnese Mycenaean Bronze Age Greece (Galatas Apatheia, sample I9041/Galatas4) in Lazaridis et al 2017 is
    J2a-L26,F4326 (Genetiker) no raw data check in PRJEB20914
  • ~1650 BC Lebanon Liban-Sud (sample ERS1790732) is
    J2b-M205* (YFull)
  • 1270-1110 BC late Bronze Age Kyjatice Culture boy in Hungary (sample BR2) in Gamba et al. 2014 (OG>AM) is
    in the study autosomally he clusters with modern Western Europeans (mainly French) so his near ancestry should be not from Caucasus or Anatolia (West Asia).
    1270-1110 BC Hungary_LBA (Ludas-Varju-Dulo, sample I1504) in Mathieson et al 2017 is
  • 1209-1009 BC late Bronze Age Norabak Culture in Armenia (sample RISE408) in Allentoft et al. 2015 is

Iron Age and later