ancient Zagros J2b* Iran (Abdul Hosein, Early Neolithic) – Broushaki et al.

Detail of Fig. 1 Map of prehistoric Neolithic and Iron Age Zagros genome locations

Detail of Fig. 1 prehistoric Neolithic and Iron Age Zagros genome locations

New J2b data from Broushaki et al. 2016 (BAM raw data):

  • AH2 West Iran Early Neolithic (8205–7756 BC): one of three individuals. From Tepe Abdul Hosein located South East of Ganj Dareh in Central Zagros.
    Broushaki et al. not assigned, Genetiker J2b-M12*
    Own analysis: J2b-M12(xCTS560,Z620). Coverage is low but ok. Of 40 J2b SNPs 10 had positive (derived) calls and 30 no-calls (unknown status). For Subclades J2b1 25 SNPs were checked with 8 negative (underived) and 17 no-calls; for J2b2 five SNPs were checked with two negative calls and three no-calls.

Main conclusions

Likely a fully developed J2b which is estimated by YFull YTree v4.06 with TMRCA 15800 ybp while AH2 is about 10000 years old. So likely a brother clade to J2b1-M205 and J2b2-Z575 which very likely got extinct since no other J2b-M12(xCTS560,Z620) modern result is known.

Raw data and checked SNPs spreadsheet


Analysis by Ted Kandell – Open Genomes

In J2 Facebook group:

AH2, of the family of some of the first farmers of Iran from Tepe Abdul Hosein (just west of Nahavand) from 8205–7756 calBCE is J2b-M102*. I analyzed the BAM file to find novel Y SNPs and I found 4 good-quality SNPs in the “unique” regions of the Y that could represent a new – or extinct – branch of J2b-M102. Here are the SNPs in case any M102+ M205- Z1825- individuals show up:
[Y:2855398 G>A]
[Y:19291887 C>T]
[Y:22672559 T>A]
[Y:23268686 G>A]

AH2 J2b-M12* 8205–7756 BCE novel Y SNPs Sheet

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