Y-SNP analysis of I4331, J2b2a-L283, Bronze Age Croatia – Mathieson et al. 2018

I4331 position under J2b2a-L283

New DNA paper from Mathieson et al. 2018, The Genomic History of Southeastern Europe, gave us ancient DNA data from 225 individuals who lived in southeastern Europe and surroundings. Supplementary information from the paper states one of the sites analyzed was the Veliki Vanik burial mound, which is located near the town of Vrgorac in Split-Dalmatia County, in southern Croatia. Individual I4331, dated 1631-1521 calBCE (~3591 ybp), was 5-7 year old subadult male with Y-DNA haplogroup J2b2a-L283. By analyzing the BAM file (raw data), I have assigned him more specifically: J-Y15058(xZ40053,Z38241)

December 2019 update

Due to higher resolution NGS tests, it was recently discovered that SNP FT92472 is equivalent to J-Z38240.  I4331 has no reads for Z38240, but is positive for FT92472. Therefore he can further be assigned to: J-Y15058>FT92472(xZ38241,BY48225) or at YFull’s J-Z38240 level.

For spreadsheet of checked SNPs, see here.


  • I4331 is fully developed J-Y15058, which according to YFull YTree v6.01, has a TMRCA of 4000 ybp, and lived only ca. 400 years after its diversification. Therefore, this is the clearest evidence that the expansion of this sub-branch very likely happened in the same region he lived in (western Balkans).
  • Currently members from J-M241 project in the J-Y15058 sub-branch mainly come from the Balkans, central and northwestern Europe.
  • Along with I4331, there was an adult female in the same burial mound. Their genomes possess considerable amount of Steppe admixture and have mtDNA that has been found in the Steppe area. Combined with the fact that to date we have no J2b2a-L283 from Neolithic Europe, as well as other data, a Bronze Age (Indo-European) expansion is likely.

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