All team members are citizen science volunteers not employed or paid. Since 2013 they collaborate directly in J2-M172 Haplogroup Research.

Honor code

Each Team member/collaborator/researcher is expected to:

  • respect the privacy and interests of donors and project members (additionally see FTDNA Admin Guidelines);
  • have experience with Y-STR genetic distance and Y-SNP haplogroup lineage research;
  • collaborate and share research with other team members;
  • do public phylogeny research (NextGenSequencing, SNPs, Trees, etc.);
  • do public STR-Haplotype cluster research (GD, TMRCA, etc.);
  • do public Haplogroup distribution research (Frequency Maps, Diversity Maps, ethnic background, ancient DNA, etc.);
  • provide as much support and advise as possible;

Research and Project Administration


chrisrChris Rottensteiner, (no single kit support/advise)
joined J-Project team 2012; focus on J2(a); SNP and Phylogeny Research, Infographics, Data Visualization, Design, Alpine DNA,
PF5197>FGC16096; Publications: researchgate, figshare;
speaks: German, English, Italian; based in Central Alps;

Flor Veseli,
joined J2-Project team 2016; focus on J2b2a-M241; Balkan history, STR & SNP analysis;
speaks: Albanian, English, Macedonian; based in Central USA;

kamelagKamal Al Gazzah,
founder of J2 Middle East Project 2009, haplotype analysis, Tunisia,
speaks: Arabic, French, English; based in Tunisia;

robertsRobert H. A. Sanders,
joined J2-Project team 2013; focus on J2b2a1-L283; cultural history, Benelux & Rhineland,
speaks: Dutch, English, German; based in Netherlands;

naderdNader Daou,
joined J2-Project team 2015; focus on J2a-M319; STR analysis, history of the Near East and migration patterns within historical times (3000 BCE onwards),
S18115>Y5500; Druze Y-DNA;
speaks: Arabic, English; based in Lebanon/Kuwait;

Hovann Simonian,
joined J2-Project team 2016; focus on J2 Armenia/Anatolia/Caucasus; Armenian history,
speaks: English, Armenian; based in Switzerland;

Nebojša Novaković,
joined J2-Project team 2017; focus on J2b1-M205 Balkan cluster,
speaks: Serbian, English; based in Serbia;

Adrian Heathcote,
J2@FTDNA feed Mod since 2017;
PF7412>SK1344; focus on J2@FTDNA Activity Feed Support
speaks: English; based in Australia;


angelacAngela Cone,
co-founder of J2-Project 2006, focus on cluster and haplotype analysis, Phylogenetics,
M67>PF7394,Y6240; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in New Zealand;

bonniesBonnie Schrack,
founder of J-Project 2006; focus on A/B, haplotype analysis, SNP and Phylogeny Research, ISOGG A/J,
PF5197>S15439; Publications: researchgateGSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in Eastern USA;

timjTim Janzen,
joined J-Project team 2009, haplotype analysis, focus on Admixture/autosomal DNA, Mennonites, ISOGG J,
speaks: English; based in Western USA;

simonSimon Canning,
J2@FTDNA feed Mod since 2016;
speaks: English; based in New Zealand;

Eric H Mercer,
joined J2-Project team 2017; focus on J2b-Z7671, STR & SNP analysis;
Z30686; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in Eastern Canada;

Cooperation (STR & SNP research); activity differs

Community Moderators & Subclade Coordinators

jackmdJackson M. Devoni,
founded J2 Facebook group 2007; focus on J2a; cultural history, South Italy and Anatolia/Armenia,
speaks: English; based in Eastern Canada;

irakliIrakli Akhvlediani,
J2 Facebook Admin since 2015; focus on J2a; cultural history, Georgia/Caucasus,
speaks: Georgian, Spanish, Russian, Basque, English; based in Spain;