Team members are citizen science volunteers not employed or paid. This colloborative J2-M172 Haplogroup Research was founded in 2013.

Honor code

Each Team member/collaborator/researcher is expected to (1 + at least one other point):

  1. respect the privacy and interests of Y-DNA data donors and project members (additionally see FTDNA Admin Guidelines);
    Admin GAP Dashboard 23 Sep. 2021: “Showing members/testers full names alongside kit numbers and/or genetic information without express written permission from the tester or kit manager is a violation of the Group Project Administrator Terms and Policies, the Privacy Statement, potentially FTDNA’s Terms of Service and GDPR. Do not share anything that does not appear on the public reports pages when not signed into your kit or GAP account without having express written permission. Remember that when you are signed into your kit or into GAP, what you see on the public pages includes those members who chose not to share their information publicly, which is their choice. Information visible on the public pages when you are not signed in is from those who agreed to share publicly, so it is in the public domain and can be shared. If it is not on those pages, you must be ready to produce written authorization in a timely manner upon request from FTDNA. If it is brought to our attention that such information has been shared, we will request that written authorization and if it is not received, will request that you remove the data from wherever it is published.
  2. have experience with Y-STR genetic distance and Y-SNP haplogroup lineage research;
  3. collaborate and share research with other team members;
  4. do public phylogeny research (NextGenSequencing, SNPs, Trees, etc.);
  5. do public STR-Haplotype cluster research (GD, TMRCA, etc.);
  6. do public Haplogroup distribution research (Frequency Maps, Diversity Maps, ethnic background, ancient DNA, etc.);
  7. provide as much support and advise as possible (in the Activity Feed, Fb groups etc.);

Research and Project Administration


chrisrChris Rottensteiner, (no single kit support/advise)
joined J-Project team 2012; focus on J2(a); SNP and Phylogeny Research, Infographics, Data Visualization, Design, Alpine DNA,
M67>L210(xZ482); PF5197>FGC16096>PH4970,Y14400; M67>Z30685,Y17946; Publications: researchgate, figshare;
speaks: German, English, Italian; based in Central Alps;

Flor Veseli,
joined J2-Project team 2016; focus on J2b(-M241)>L283; Balkan history, STR & SNP analysis;
speaks: Albanian, English, Macedonian; based in Central USA;

kamelagKamal Al Gazzah,
founder of J2 Middle East Project 2009, haplotype analysis, Tunisia,
speaks: Arabic, French, English; based in Tunisia;

davidlDavid Langton,
joined J2-Project team 2022; focus on J2a-M319; STR analysis, interest in the movement of J2 through Europe,
M319>S18579>S8478>S17862>Y5012,Y5007; England GB Groups EIJ;
speaks: English; based in UK;

Hovann Simonian,
joined J2-Project team 2016; focus on Armenian J2 Armenia/Anatolia/Caucasus; Armenian history,
speaks: English, Armenian; based in Switzerland;

Nebojša Novaković,
joined J2-Project team 2017; focus on J2b-M205 Balkan cluster,
speaks: Serbian, English; based in Serbia;

Adrian Heathcote,
J2@FTDNA feed Mod since 2017;
PF7412>SK1344; focus on J2@FTDNA Activity Feed Support
speaks: English; based in Australia;

Wim Penninx,
joined J2-Project team 2022; focus on Jewish Y-DNA (in Avotaynu DNA Project), JewishDNA@YFull, STR & SNP research of J2a/J2b subgroups like L556, Y15223, etc.
speaks: Dutch, English; based in Netherland;


angelacAngela Cone,
co-founder of J2-Project 2006, inactive since 2013, focus on cluster and haplotype analysis, Phylogenetics,
M67>PF7394,Y6240>Z6264; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in New Zealand;

bonniesBonnie Schrack,
founder of J-Project 2006, inactive since 2013; focus on A/B, haplotype analysis, SNP and Phylogeny Research, ISOGG A/J,
PF5197>FGC16096>S15439,L198; Publications: researchgateGSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in Eastern USA;

timjTim Janzen,
J-Project team 2009-2013, haplotype analysis, focus on Admixture/autosomal DNA, Mennonites, ISOGG J,
speaks: English; based in Western USA;

robertsRobert H. A. Sanders,
J2-Project team 2013-2020; focus on J2b-L283; cultural history, Benelux & Rhineland,
speaks: Dutch, English, German; based in Netherlands;

naderdNader Daou,
J2-Project team 2015-2022; focus on J2a-M319; STR analysis, history of the Near East and migration patterns within historical times (3000 BCE onwards),
S18115>Y5178>Y5500; Druze Y-DNA;
speaks: Arabic, English; based in Lebanon/Kuwait;

simonSimon Canning,
J2@FTDNA feed Mod 2016/2017;
speaks: English; based in New Zealand;

Eric H Mercer,
J2-Project team 2017; focus on J2a-M67>Z7671, STR & SNP analysis;
Z30686,Y17946; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in Eastern Canada;

Cooperation (STR & SNP research); activity differs

Community Moderators & Subclade Coordinators

jackmdJackson M. Devoni,
founded J2 Facebook group 2007; focus on J2a; cultural history, South Italy and Anatolia/Armenia,
speaks: English; based in Eastern Canada;

irakliIrakli Akhvlediani,
J2 Facebook Admin since 2015; focus on J2a; cultural history, Georgia/Caucasus,
speaks: Georgian, Spanish, Russian, Basque, English; based in Spain;