Genographic Project J2 Haplogroups & SNPs

If you are owner of a Genographic Project kit in the J2 Haplogroup and have not done so, please transfer results for free to the FTDNA database and while logged in at myFTDNA join J2-M172 FTDNA Project to partecipate in the public research.
To convert to a modern haplogroup format use: Chris Morley’s Y-SNP Subclade predictor website.

Geno 2.0 J2-M172 terminal haplogroup names

Since Nov. 2012 results of this SNP-chip of Genographic Project are available. The following is a list “reverse engineered” of terminal J2 haplogroup names by try and error in the Search field of “Browse All Stories” (Jan. 2014). Some SNP results (FTDNA transfer and/or ychromo.csv raw data) allow a more defined positioning. See also Geno 2.0 Paternal Stories.

  • J2a J-L559
    • J2a1 J-PF4610
      • J2a1a J-L26
        • J2a1a1 J-PF5116 (J-M322)

          • J2a1a1a J-M67
            • J2a1a1a1 J-CTS3261
              • J2a1a1a1a J-CTS6804
            • J2a1a1a2 J-Z500
              • J2a1a1a2a J-M260
                • J2a1a1a2a1 J-Z515
                • J2a1a1a2a2 J-CTS2906 (J-L560, J-L236)
              • J2a1a1a2b J-PF7394
            • J2a1a1a3 J-Z467 (J-CTS2152 J-Z447)

              • J2a1a1a3a J-L210
        • J2a1a2 J-PF5160
          • J2a1a2a J-L24 or J-L25
            • J2a1a2a1 J-Z387
              • J2a1a2a1a J-L397
            • J2a1a2a2 J-F3133
              • J2a1a2a2a J-F3369
              • J2a1a2a2b J-F761
              • J2a1a2a2b J-L534
          • J2a1a2b J-PF5197
          • J2a1a2b1 J-PF4341 (J-YSC0000246)
          • J2a1a2b2 J-PF5172 (J-PF5169)
    • J2a2 J-PF7381 (J-PF5007, J-PF7384, J-PF4993, J-P279, J-M340)
  • J2b J-M221
    • J2b1 J-M205
    • J2b2 J-M241
      • J2b2a J-L283
        • J2b2a1 J-Z584
        • J2b2a1a J-Z1297
        • J2b2a1a1 J-Z1295 (J-Z636, J-Z1043)