Y-DNA Resources

ISOGG: Y-DNA Haplogroup J and its Subclades, Index to Y-DNA SNPs, Composite List of Papers/Presentations Cited, Glossary of Genetic Terms, Genetic Genealogy Wiki
Y-DNA J Haplogroup Project: Y-DNA J-M304 Resource Site (Images, Archive, Y-STR-Markers Tables)
Y-DNA Databases:
open database by FTDNA with over 85,000 Haplotypes;
SMGF: Y-Chromosome Database over 38,000 samples also from rarely investigated regions;
Semargl.me Y-DNA, map Y-SNP distribution, Y-SNP search, map of branches, map of haplogroups; kit # search (based on FTDNA-Projects and Ysearch, J-Admin Jan/JaG J2a3b1 M67+ L556+);
YHRD – Y Chromosome Haplotype Reference Database over 101,000 haplotypes; see also NIST forensic Y-Chromosome STRs;
US Y-STR Database over 18,000 haplotypes; Database descriptive statistics (PDF);
Y-STR Haplogroup Predictors: Vadim Urasin YPredictor; Whit Athey Y-Haplogroup Predictor; Jim Cullen & Ken Nordtvedt: World Haplogroup & Haplo-I Subclade Predictor;
Y-STR Comparison: Dean McGee Y-Utility: Y-DNA Comparison Utility, MJost Mod: Burgarella 2010 mutation rates; Clan Donald USA TMRCA Calculator (Most Recent Common Ancestor); SplitsTree4: Software for computing phylogenetic networks;
Y-SNP Comparison: Adriano Squecco Y-DNA SNP Comparison Project based on 23andMe and deCODEme raw Y-SNP data; Facebook page;
Y-DNA J Papers: By searching “Y-Chromosome J1 J2” on Google Scholar; PubMed Search; see also ISOGG;
Y-DNA-Trees: Marko Heinila speculative Y-DNA STR/SNP maximum likelihood trees (phyloXML based on FTDNA data), Terry D. Robb TMRCA Y-Haplogroups (based of 1000 Genomes Project data – Preliminary Results)
Tree Software: Archaeopteryx (Visualization, Analysis, and Editing of Phylogenetic Trees / phyloXML), TreeGraph 2 (phylogenetic tree editor, Stöver & Müller), jsPhyloSVG (javascript library for rendering phylogenetic trees), PhyloWidget (viewing, editing, and publishing phylogenetic trees online), PhyloBox (online environment for viewing, editing, sharing, and publishing phylogenetic trees), TreeGraph (Generating PostScript- and SVG trees), Treevolution (visual analysis of phylogenetic trees), TreeViewJ (viewing and analyzing phylogenetic trees), HyperTree (phylogenetic tree viewer)
Haplotype Software: Wikipedia Haplotype#Software