J2a1-S15439,L198: M419 NGS available and new subclade Z40067,Z40068 1

J2a-S15439,L198 2016-03-09

J2a-S15439,L198 2016-03-09

Since almost a year ago (see FGC16096 unites L198,L433 and L1064 under PF5169) it was known that FGC16096>L433>M419 and that S15439 and other equivalent SNPs were shared by 192731/YF03103 and two Dutch men (GoNL project).

During the Christmas sale it was possible to fund one NGS BigY testing for the M419 sample (271420 Lieb Germany) thanks to the donors in 2015: John N., Jeff O., John G., Judy S., Yussuf M., Martha J.H., V-B, Tony M., Tim S., Thomas F., Oshri N.

The BigY results were just released and under the matches a new kit is listed: 373863 S. Arabia (so far Y12, proxy match is Y67 262925 Subay tribe Saudi Arabia.

While the manual analysis of just BigY SNP reports could be very error prone it was possible to confirm most SNPs at the S15439 level. Additionally 6 SNPs from the Schrack Swiss BigY 192731 were shared with the BigY match 373863 S. Arabia. All SNPs were registered by me. Hg19 data:

15581664 G A Z40067
21345899 G T Z40068
16712524 C T Z40069
18046856 A G Z40070
17509377 T G Z40071
7530407 C A Z40072



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