J2a1-PF7413(xPF7415): refinement and new subclade Z40257, Z40258 1

J2a1-PF7413 2016-03-21

J2a1-PF7413 2016-03-21

In spring 2015 the articles J2a-L26* SNP found: Z6064? New seldom clade J2a-PH890 and Structure for the J2a-SK1363 clade (including Montgomery, etc. clusters) explained the knowledge about the so far mainly European Z35789, Z35788 subclade. The Montgomery Ireland/Scotland Kits 182443/YF02153, 37060 had known BigY results then. Kit N63471/YF03987 Hunt England later allowed to split the tree into Z35789, Z35788 > Z35794, Z35790. The YFull analysis allowed to confidently place the defining SNPs and give an age estimate for this split according to YFull YTree.

This year two new BigY results allowed to further refine the tree further: 327719 Nilsson Haugen Norway with haplotype clearly matching the Montgomery cluster and 170705 Hunt England.

See current tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2a1a2a1a2a

According to YFull YTree v4.3

  • Y14443/Z28531, PF7413: TMRCA 4700 ybp
    • Z35789, Z35788: TMRCA 2400 ybp
      • Z35794, Z35790 (Montgomery, Nilsson Haugen): probably TMRCA ~<1/3 of 2400 ybp ≈ 700 ybp
      • Z40257, Z40258 (Hunt): probably TMRCA ~<1/3 of 2400 ybp ≈ 600 ybp

According to this estimates it seems less likely that the MRCA of Z35794, Z35790 and Z40257, Z40258 men already was on the British Isles than the common origin was continental. More Y-DNA testing from France and high-res NextGenSequences from Basque as well as from the Hungarian/English cluster could help to resolve this further. As always I promote YFull interpretation for 37060, 327719 and 170705 which would confirm and improve SNP findings and give more confident time estimates.

Registered SNPs hg19 coordinates:

8032740    C    T    Z35782
8652450    G    A    Z35783
8728056    T    G    Z35784
13891372    A    G    Z35785
14288190    C    A    Z35786
17047686    C    G    Z35787
19021265    C    T    Z35790
19583397    C    G    Z35791
22858245    G    C    Z35794
23121993    A    T    Z35795

23369971    T    C    Z40257
23235720    G    C    Z40258
8496088    G    A    Z40259
17741645    C    G    Z40260
16481729    G    T    Z40261
14623879    C    T    Z40262
24424835    G    A    Z40263
14149710    A    G    Z40264
18870587    T    C    Z40265
18870584    A    T    Z40266
18870571    T    C    Z40267

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  • Barbara Hunt

    Dear Chris,

    Thank you for publishing your updated J2-M172 Research tree.

    It is awesome!

    On behalf of the Hunt Clan

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