J2a-L26* SNP found: Z6064? New seldom clade J2a-PH890

Z6064 tree 2014-04a

new Z6064 tree

First the FTDNA deep clade and then even Geno 2.0 left a considerable part of J2a-L26 kits without downstream haplogroup. In 2013 Y-sequence results first showed that PF5088 unites L24 and M67 together with many other clades substream of L26 and as parallel group J2a-M68 samples from 1000 Genomes Project and Sardinian samples 848-849 (Francalacci et al 2013) allowed the registration of the Z6055-Z6064 SNP-series. Eventually members of the now SK1363 called haplogroup were found positive for the Z6055-Z6064 SNP-series.
Geno 2.0 and genetic distance still showed some L26 haplotypes should be negative for PF5088. On April 15, 2015 the FTDNA BigY results of one of those kits (14919 Fryer) were released. A first analysis showed that one SNP is shared from the Z6055-Z6064 series: Z6064.
A further analysis showed that one L26* result from the Hallast et al 2014 study (pal-5257) shares 24 so far single SNPs with 14919 Fryer: PH890, PH1409, PH1542, PH1545, PH1641, PH1726, PH1849, PH2265, PH2509, PH2700, PH3260, PH3392, PH3464, PH3550, PH3773, PH4095, PH4099, PH4653, PH4744, PH4856, PH4942, PH4959, PH5303, PH5392.
Approx. equivalent to Z6064 should be a SNP discovered later as multiple mutation place (for example in J2b-M102 C>A) and so far is under investigation: Y7014/Z8237.
BAM file raw data of 14919 Fryer would be welcome for further analysis and especially negative status verification of the following SNPs assumed parallel to the new PH890 clade: Z6059, SK1362/Y6761/Z27841, Y6753/Z27782, Y6754/Z27801, Y6755/Z27807, Y6757/Z27827, Y6758/Z27829, Y6759/Z27834, Y6760/Z27840, Y6762/Z27853, Y6763, Y6764/Z27864, Y6765/Z27873, Y6766/Z27875, Y6767/Z27876, Y6768/Z27882, Y6769/Z27884, Y6770/Z27895, Y6854/Z27804, Y6856/Z27832, Y6857/Z27848, Y6858/Z27854, Y6859/Z27865, Y6861/Z27869, Y6863/Z27874, Y6864/Z27905, Y6865/Z27908, Y6866, Z6055, Z6058, Z6060, Z6061, Z6062, Z6063.
The genetic distance between 14919 Fryer and pal-5257 is 8/19 shared Y-STR-Markers: so still a very old and distant relation which gives the possibility of further structure in Z6064(xZ6059). Looking forward to certify the J2a-PH890 clade.

Link to J2-M172 Research Tree simplified J2a1a2

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