Best Y-DNA upgrade for basic Y-SNP-chip tests like 23andMe, Ancestry, BritainsDNA

If you have an old haplogroup SNP chip result you may able to convert to a modern haplogroup format using: 23andME to Y-SNP ConverterChris Morley’s Y-SNP Subclade predictor website. See also How to get YDNA haplogroup from AncestryDNA ( results.

If you want to find out anything informative you need to find a haplogroup younger then the Neolithic (ended ca. 6000 years ago) or better find as much as available Y-DNA cousins in the last 2000 years.
This is only possible doing specific Y-DNA testing, for a Glossary and help see Y-DNA project help (ISOGG Wiki):

Y-SNP Haplogroup Panels to scan for currently known J2 Haplogroups (ca. 260)

Y-STR Marker Panels to scan for 37-111 values shared with near Y-DNA cousins

Y-DNA next generation sequencing to get a substantial part of the Y-DNA (SNPs and STRs)