23andMe J2 Haplogroups & SNPs

23andMe has only a very limited amount of Y-SNPs (ca. 2,000) included which usually only allow to determine a very basic Y-Haplogroup.
If you want to find out anything informative see best Y-DNA upgrade for basic Y-SNP-chip tests like 23andMe, Ancestry, BritainsDNA.

To convert to a modern haplogroup format use: 23andME to Y-SNP ConverterChris Morley’s Y-SNP Subclade predictor website. See also How to get YDNA haplogroup from AncestryDNA (Ancestry.com) results.

v3 chip Y-SNPs covered and Haplogroup names.
In use since December 2010. 23andMe Labs Haplogroup Tree Mutation Mapper (Brian Naughton, accessed Nov. 2013). Defining mutations: variant call anc

  • J2-M172: rs2032604 (M172) T G
    • J2a-M410: N/A
      • J2a1-L26: N/A
        • J2a1a-M47: i3000069 (M47) G A, rs13447376 (M322) C A
        • J2a1b-M67: rs2032628 (M67) A T, i3000079 (M67) A T
          • J2a1b1-M92: rs2032648 (M92) T C, rs9341303 (M260) G A
            • J2a1b1a-M327: i4000098 (M327) T C
          • J2a1b2-M163: i3000039 (M163) A C, i3000042 (M166) C T
        • J2a1c-M68: i3000080 (M68) A G
        • J2a1d-M158: i3000034 (M158) C T
        • J2a1e-M319: rs13447373 (M319) T A
        • J2a1f-M339: i4000102 (M339) T G
        • J2a1g-M419: i4000124 (M419) I D
        • J2a1h-L24: N/A
          • J2a1h1-M137: i3000019 (M137) A G
          • J2a1h2-M289: rs13447368 (M289) G A
          • J2a1h3-M318: rs13447372 (M318) T C
        • J2a1i-P81: i4000256 (P81) C T
        • J2a1j-P279: i4000174 (P279) G A
      • J2a2-M340: i4000049 (M340) G C
    • J2b-M102: rs13447442 (M314) A C, rs2032608 (M102) G C, rs2032667 (M221) G A
      • J2b1-M205: rs2032657 (M205) T A
      • J2b2-M241: rs8179022 (M241) G A
        • J2b2a-M99: i4000135 (M99) I D
        • J2b2b-M280: rs13447367 (M280) G A
        • J2b2c:M321: rs13447375 (M321) C T
        • J2b2d: N/A

v2 chip Y-SNPs included (unverified) and available trough raw-data analysis.
First discussed in summer 2008 in the public trough 23andMe results (guest post of Roy King with results found together with Peter Underhill) and deCODEme test results analyzed by Adriano Squecco [blog.23andme, m172.blogspot, j2-ydnaproject.org, Y-DNA J Project News]. Then developed under the known L-names by Thomas Krahn @FTDNA and S57 then already available @Ethnoancestry (pre BritainsDNA) but with unpublished coordinates,
L26/Page55/S57 (rs34459399) ecquivalent to DYS413 deletion
L27/S396 (rs34126399)
L24/M530/S286 (rs35248080)
L25/S399/PF5345 (rs34534058)