Structure for the J2a-SK1363 clade (including Montgomery, etc. clusters)

J2a-SK1363 structure 2015-05-25

J2a-SK1363 structure 2015-05-25

Not all finds are entirely new: it was certified since 2014 that (now) SK1363 members share upstream haplogroups Z6060,Z6059 and Z6057,Z6056 with one of the oldest known J2a haplogroups: M68 (so far very seldom in the DTC-field) also thanks to the data of sample 295681/YF02117 Netherlands. In an earlier post the Z6064 split immediately below L26 and upstream of Z6060,Z6059 is reported: J2a-L26* SNP found: Z6064? New seldom clade J2a-PH890.

Only now it was possible to certify most of the SK1363 substructure because three crucial samples have done YFull analysis and two of them have joined the YFull J2a group: 182443/YF02153 Ireland, 229942/YF03330 Mexico and YF03131 with suspected Eastern origin, which likely shares the same paragroup as 41120 France. If YF03131 joins YFull J2a group possibly shared SNPs with 41120 France BigY’s results can be identified.

The selected and listed haplogroup defining SNPs are in the most unique Y-sequence regions.

  • SK1363/Y13133, Y13132/Z28517 is likely shared by all kits within the recognizable haplotype cluster (former A cluster in J-Project). Likely it is Middle Eastern in origin since so old (by YFull TMRCA 9300 ypb) and also Middle Eastern kits have this haplotype.
  • PF7413, Y14435/Z28520, Y14437/Z29916 TMRCA is ca. 4500 ybp and shared by Sardinian, Mexican and Atlantic (Irish/Scottish) samples. The origin of this haplogroup is not clear (too few tests) but could be already European/Mediterranean.
  • Z35789, Z35788 is found in the Montgomery-cluster (kits 37060, 182443/YF02153). Some of this SNPs likely are shared by members of the “Atlantic-English/Hungarian” cluster. One BigY is pending (kit N63471 England) and is expected to split this haplogroup
  • PF7415, Z35778 is shared by Sardinian samples 843-844 (PF 2015) and Mexican 229942/YF03330 BigY kit.
  • Z28530, Z28524 are shared by the two Sardinian samples 843-844 (PF 2015)

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