Substantial new subgroups for Z467: S25258 and Z447,Z458(xL210)

Z467>S25258 structure as researched May 2015

Z467>S25258 structure as researched May 2015

As posted in the previous posts substream of the J2a-M67 haplogroup other new findings were possible lately. The most substantial refinement of the M67 tree was possible in the Z467 subclade using 8 BigY results, one of them (B1300/YF02101 Ireland) with additional YFull analysis, gre-77 Greek Hallast et al 2014, Sardinian #845 Francalacci et al 2015, 4 Genome of the Netherlands and one Geno 2.0 result. The age of Z467 by YFull YT 3.9 is estimated to be over 12,000 years.
Only YF02101 as member of the J2a YFull group allows analysis of variant/SNP status (underived/negative, derived/positive, ambiguous, low-confidence, no-read).
Therefore only the haplogroup defined by S25258,FGC21348 can be certified for ISOGG.
Interesting would be:

  • YFull analysis of 339017 Basilicata to certify the S21160,PH2758 haplogroup.
  • YFull analysis of the following four BigY BAM files: N60728 Sicily, 18790 Basilicata, 139708 S.Germany, 70515 Germany? to certify the haplogroups SK1336,FGC21370 – FGC21360,SK1335 – FGC21376 – SK1337,FGC21419 and have good age estimates of them
  • A Y-sequence result from a Z458,Z447(xL210) sample to certify this haplogroup as well as more haplotypes of this likely seldom paragroup.

No extensive haplotype analysis was done yet, but many M67* paragroup samples could belong to the S25258,FGC21348 haplogroup. Further testing will hopefully reveal the structure of the lineages down to genealogical time and possibly also give insights where the oldest West-European M67 subclade can be found.

Update 2015-06-03: Analysis of J2a-Z458,Z447(xL210) Geno 2.0 raw data

  • 99 informative SNPs downstream of J2a-Z467 (TMRCA ~12500 ybp) shared by 1kG-NA20521, 1kG-NA20801, etc. of whom 30 are included in the Geno 2.0 chip design
  • 7 of the 30 included SNPs are positive in FT-N136769 (23% of the included SNPs), the remaining is negative (three of them recurrent)
  • Using the 7/30 ratio J2a-Z458(xL210) samples should share with J2a-L210:
    TMRCA = 12500-(12500-5000)*7/30 = ~10750 ybp (TMRCA J2a-L210 ~5000 ybp)
    additional shared SNPs = (99-30)*7/30 =  ~

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