New M67 subclade Z28551,Z6268 so far Sardinian-Mediterranean

New J2a-Z28551,Z6268 sub of M67 (May 2015)

New J2a-Z28551,Z6268 sub of M67 (May 2015)

Like already posted in J2a-M67 haplogroup split by Z1847 aka PF5126 higher coverage Francalacci et al 2015 data made a re-analysis possible. One M67* paragroup FTDNA BigY result (kit 143924, possibly with Mediterranean surname origin) not positive for the known M67 subclades Z467, Z500 and Z7671) builds a new M67 sub-haplogroup together with two Sardinians # 846 and 847 (in Francalacci et al 2015 data).

Shared SNPs by all three samples (hg19/b37 pos, anc., der., name) by using SNP lists (novel/known) :

17563143 A G Z6268
21930574 A G Z28547
14175308 G A Z28549
18110441 T C Z28551
15932904 T C Z28554
8119001 A T Z36099
13211463 G A Z36100
13682543 C T Z36101

The two Sardinians share another 40 SNPs not reported for BigY 143924. As defining were selected:

21036954 C G Z6267
15127180 G C Z6270

A verification by third-party analysis like by could improve confidence and maybe yield further insights on the defining SNPs.

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