Y-chromosome Haplogroup J-M172 subclades update with primary SNPs

J2-M172 Research Tree simplified 2015-05-30

J2-M172 Research Tree simplified 2015-05-30

Combined J2 Phylogeny from almost all available public and DTC sources. Included are ca. 200 informative subclades (pre Middle Age) as well as more recent haplogroups (low-diversity/Middle Age or Clans/Surnames). The phylogeny is available as Tree with primary SNPs (searchable PDF) and Spreadsheet with details for the selected primary SNPs.
This data is an output of the constantly updated online J2-M172 Research Tree simplified which is based on the J2-M172_spreadsheet. This citizen science research is done voluntarily by the author with the support of many others in the J2-M172 Haplogroup research and affiliated research. The focus was on J2a subclades.
The following ISOGG J-Haplogroup update for J2 will be based on this work and include equivalent SNPs.

I have published the current status of the J2-M172 research as I think I did enough quality control on what is known. If any scientists are interested in J2 this could be useful as long the submission of this data to ISOGG is pending (This is the base). Also my planned YFull phylogeny update and J2 panel update proposals will be based on this. Please report errors.


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