J2a1-PF5172(xPF5169): third NGS available and new subclade Z40014,Z40015

J2a1-PF5172(xPF5169) 2016-03-21

J2a1-PF5172(xPF5169) 2016-03-21

J2a1-PF5172,PF5190 seems a very old haplogroup: YFull YTree v4.3 J-PF5172 estimates the TMRCA to 14,300 years.

In May 2015 the first upload of a J2a1-PF5172(xPF5169) NGS result to YFull (BigY 217812/YF03340 Armenia) allowed to compare the novel YFS SNPs with the tur-7 Turkey (Hallast et al 2014) sample as well as get the above stated time estimate. The comparison resulted in 32 shared SNPs negative in PF5191,S21554,PF5169+ samples.

A new BigY result is 445650 Austria. The comparison with 217812/YF03340 Armenia and tur-7 Turkey gives 47 shared SNPs between the Armenian and Austrian sample, but not reported in the Turkish sample. 18 of those SNPs fall into the coverage area of Hallast et al 2014 and therefore should have some confidence of being negative in the Turkish sample. From the remaining 29 SNPs ca. 64 % are expected to be positive also in the Turkish sample.

See J2-M172 Research Tree / currently J2a1a1b2a2

For accurate time estimates we would need 445650 Austria to get the BAM file (currently not available for request) and upload it for analysis to YFull. A rough manual estimate might give those indicative ages:

Haplogroup # SNPs total SNPs % of 14,300 y
PH1222, PH180, CTS904 50,56 119 58% 8224
Z40014, Z40015 30,44 68,44 32% 4566
217812/YF03340 novel 38 38 0% 0
  • PH1222, PH180, CTS904: TMRCA ca. 8,200 ybp
  • Z40014, Z40015: TMRCA ca. 4,600 ybp

The newly found SNPs were registered in the order of BLAT 500 bp uniqueness. Hg19 position data:

21878908 G A Z40012
21878910 A G Z40013
22974921 C T Z40014
23298061 G C Z40015
21709524 A G Z40016
19458783 C T Z40017
21564012 A G Z40018
15328813 A C Z40019
16714944 T C Z40020
22919557 G C Z40021
14008973 A C Z40022
15103906 C T Z40023
8504171 G C Z40024
14408558 G A Z40025
8572427 C T Z40026
2696924 C T Z40027
8578982 G A Z40028
19121447 C T Z40029
8090473 G T Z40030
19116034 A G Z40031
15771308 G C Z40032
7421817 A T Z40033
16134893 T A Z40034
7923258 A T Z40035
24453977 G C Z40036
23583731 T G Z40037
24485504 T G Z40038
23762911 C T Z40039
7516522 C A Z40040
8829432 C A Z40041
16455187 C T Z40042
7700875 C T Z40043
23748968 G A Z40044
9850564 T C Z40045
28580656 A G Z40046
23860552 A T Z40047
23841952 T C Z40048
23824589 T C Z40049
9489039 T C Z40050
6382954 C T Z40051

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