new splits for J2a1-Z6064(xZ6063): PH4959>PH4099>Z40055

J2a1-PH4959 2016-03-07

J2a1-PH4959 2016-03-07

I was able to analyze BigY SNP files and BigY matches of 410707 Qatar and 422501 Bahrain/Qatar (Iran in image is an error).


I was able to find new haplogroups and defining SNPs:

21649216 A G J2a1a2b PH4856
21826003 C A J2a1a2b PH4959
18931176 A G J2a1a2b1 approx. PH4099
14095703 G T J2a1a2b1 approx. PH890
22735991 T C J2a1a2b1a approx. Z40055
14864665 C G J2a1a2b1a approx. Z40056

It is suggested to get the BAM file and order YFull analysis as soon as possible to verify this manual analysis.

Further matches to 422501 Bahrain/Iran were invited to join the J2-M172 project to build tribe/clan clusters.

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