new splits for J2a1-Z6064(xZ6063): PH4959>PH4099>Z40055

J2a1-PH4959 2016-03-07

J2a1-PH4959 2016-03-07

I was able to analyze BigY SNP files and BigY matches of 410707 Qatar and 422501 Bahrain/Qatar (Iran in image is an error).


I was able to find new haplogroups and defining SNPs:

18931176AGJ2a1a2b1 approx.PH4099
14095703GTJ2a1a2b1 approx.PH890
22735991TCJ2a1a2b1a approx.Z40055
14864665CGJ2a1a2b1a approx.Z40056

It is suggested to get the BAM file and order YFull analysis as soon as possible to verify this manual analysis.

Further matches to 422501 Bahrain/Iran were invited to join the J2-M172 project to build tribe/clan clusters.

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