All team members are citizen science volunteers not employed or paid. Since 2013 they collaborate directly in J2-M172 Haplogroup Research., E-Mail to all Team members

angelacAngela Cone,
co-founder of J2-Project 2006, focus on cluster and haplotype analysis, Phylogenetics, M67>PF7394; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in New Zealand;


chrisrChris Rottensteiner,
joined J-Project team 2012; focus on J2a;  SNP and Phylogeny Research, Infographics, Data Visualization, Design, Alpine DNA, PF5197>L1064; Publications: figshare;
speaks: German, English, Italian; based in the Alps;


bonniesBonnie Schrack,
founder of J-Project 2006; focus on A/B/J, haplotype analysis, SNP and Phylogeny Research, ISOGG A/J, PF5197>L198; Publications: GSchoolar;
speaks: English; based in Eastern USA;


timjTim Janzen,
joined J-Project team 2009, focus on J; haplotype analysis, Admixture/autosomal DNA, Mennonites, ISOGG J, L24>PF5456;
speaks: English; based in Western USA;


kamelagKamal Al Gazzah,
founder of J2 Middle East Project 2009, haplotype analysis, Tunisia, L24>Z7704;
speaks: English, French, Arabic; based in Tunisia;


robertsRobert H. A. Sanders,
joined J2-Project team 2013; focus on J2b; cultural history, Benelux & Rhineland, M241>Z1296;
speaks: Dutch, English, German; based in Netherlands;