J2a-Z6065: still much to discover for M47, P81, Z7532, etc.

J2a-Z6065 tree 2015-09

J2a-Z6065 tree 2015-09

Z6065 was first discovered in the 1000 Genomes Project data by Magoon et al 2013 in three Punjabi samples, one of them M47. In May 2014 the FGC Y-Elite result of KVRKP S.Italy allowed to discover a further split defined by the SNPs Z7532, FGC15782/Y13893, etc. and of the subclade Z7553, Z7503 shared only by two of the Punjabi samples.
The FTDNA BigY result 130992 Ukraine (P81) in late summer 2014 as well as YFull analysis of BigY M9653/YF02343 Qatar allowed to place a clade shared with M47: Y7708/Z29414, Y8522.
This year YFull analysis of BigY 349182/YF03311 allowed to define a subclade shared with M9653 Qatar: Y14678, Y14675.
Analyis of gre-11 Greek (Hallast et al 2014, 3.5 Mb Y-Chr) EB-13751 Assyr4 Armenia (Estonian Biocentre CG, Karmin et al 2015) and 139704 Armenia (FTDNA BigY, YFull YF03910) now made the discovery of further candidate ramifications possible:

  • FGC15901, FGC15865
    paragroup defined by gre-11 Greek (only half of the coverage of the other samples, SNP-list, no raw-data available)
  • FGC15895, FGC15896
    paragroup defined by EB-13751 Assyr4 Armenia (SNP-list, no raw-data available)
  • FGC15914, FGC15903
    defined by KVRKP S.Italy and 139704 Armenia

Nice to see that Hallast et al 2014 did consult YBrowse@ISOGG so that the FGC-SNPs of KVRKP S.Italy did not get a second name.

YFull YTree v3.15 TMRCA estimates: The age of Z6065 is only slightly younger then Z2229, PF5119, Z2227: 13500 ybp. From there down only the M47 Clade is well researched since many years and for the three NGS samples seems to have a young age of ca. 2700 ybp. For P81 only this one sample is known and available with Y-STR haplotype. The Z7532 clade is ca. 10800 years old. Only the subclade FGC15914 has two samples with advanced Y-STR values available and both are part of a large haplotype cluster which until late 2012 (single SNP testing, Geno 2.0 result) was one the remaining clusters without defining SNPs in J2a which now are all placed in the J2 tree (Z6049, Z6064, PF5197).
The TMRCA estimate for FGC15914, or better the two samples KVRKP S.Italy and 139704 Armenia is 3800 ybp.

The SNPs for Z6065 and below according to the current J2-M172_spreadsheet.

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