Huge YSEQ update: 253 Subclades of J2 (J-M172) all in one Sanger Sequencing SNP Panel

YSEQ J2 Panel

YSEQ J2 Panel

Sanger Sequencing is is the reliable technology still used by forensic labs and to certify variants on the genome with high accuracy and is also accepted by ISOGG as most reliable SNP certification. The trained Y-chr scientist and experienced lab-director Thomas Krahn together with his wife Astrid has founded YSEQ based in Berlin/Germany at the of 2013 which is leading the DTC-Market with very competitive prices for Sanger Sequencing: see the Alpha-Beta Y-STR37 for $85 and single SNPs for $17.5 (over 500 available for J2). Their uncomplicated kits (small brush to be dried in the air) are especially useful in remote countries with difficult shipping.

In April 2015 a first J2 SNP Panel was released with one first round and 6 second rounds including 66 SNPs under J2.

Now we have the second version: J2-M172 Superclade Panel for $99 after the December sale ($88):

A fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to use Sanger Sequencing technology to explore the paternal lineage Y-DNA.

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