Famous J2 people

This page collects famous members of Y-DNA haplogroup J2 (paternal lineage).
The provisional criteria for inclusion in the list require the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • a) Evidence to be in haplogroup J2:  M172+ or positive for a certified downstream SNP or GD<7% to a certified haplotype of the person or a certified relative in the paternal surname lineage.
  • b) Evidence of “importance” if one of the following conditions is met:
    • Wikipedia article existing at least since 6 months and preferably in english or another language spoken by millions of people;
    • In Publications: Mentioned with achievements or resume in scientific publications, especially historical books.
    • Mass Media presence: Dedicated multiple coverage in media reaching millions of people.

Famous individuals

  • J2-M172:
  • J2a-M410,L559
    • J2a1-PF4610,CTS7683
      • J2a1a-L26/Page55/S57,L27/S396
        • J2a1a1-PF5087/CTS1230,PF5088
          • J2a1a1a-Z2221/PF5160
          • J2a1a1b-PF5116,PF5125
            • J2a1a1b1-Z2227,PF5119
              • J2a1a1b1a-L558/PF7408,Z1846
                • J2a1a1b1a1-M67/S51
                  (former J2a1b) Mehmet Oz (Y: Bozkır, S./C. Turkey) surgeon, author, and tv personality
                • J2a1a1b1a2-Z17181/S11868,Z2255
                  • J2a1a1b1a2a-M319,Z2253
                    Nick Donofrio (J2, expected Y: Campania, S.Italy, terminal position according to FTDNA project) former IBM Management
              • J2a1a1b1b-Z6065,Z6066
        • J2a1a2-Z6056,Z6057
      • J2a1b-Z6049
    • J2a2-PF5008,PF5050
  • J2b-M12,M102
    • J2b1-Z1827/CTS2622, Z2482
      • J2b1a-M241
        • J2b1a1-L283
        • J2b1a2-Z2432,Z2434
      • J2b1b-[Z2453, Z2454]
    • J2b2-CTS560,PF7308
      • J2b2a-M205

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