J2-M172@FTDNA Project Administration Changes Announcement

As many of you may know or have noticed the main Administration and Support of the J2-M172@FTDNA Project by Chris Rottensteiner since February 2017 has declined considerably, caused by considerably less free time which makes volunteer working  on the daily and weekly tasks impossible at the same pace as I did from 2012 to 2016 .
My fellow Co-Admins in J2 and subprojects might consider reading and discussing in this Google J2 Admins group.

As long as no other Admin can take over the existing routine tasks, those are prioritized and only partially processed by Christian Rottensteiner:
A) maintaining the main advantages to FTDNA J2 project members
  • Kit grouping: mainly for new members and those doing BigY, simplifying workflow also considering subproject activity which means:
    • BigY results will be grouped
      • no partnering subproject: at least with four other BigY results and a minimal genetic distance of ca. 1000 years
      • partnering subproject exists: youngest terminal grouping age ca. 3000 years
    • All other results will be grouped
      • GD (genetic distance Y-STR markers) ≤ 2/37,5/67 to a BigY kit in an appropriate group together.
      • Y37+ kits with a higher distance to BigY results in the best suiting group
      • Y12 results will be grouping in basic grouping (paternal relations and genealogy can not be taken into account, only Y-DNA results)
  • Project Goals adjustment: study the pedigree relationships (phylogeny) of all J2 lineages (subclades J2a, J2b, etc.) down to late Middle Ages, assign project members to appropriate terminal groups and help them in using Y-DNA results and further testing to connect ancient paternal history with terminal groups surname origins and genealogy.
  • checking of Privacy settings
B) Partly keeping up as good as possible useful Support, Research and Haplogroup resources
  • for J2a and especially subgroups of personal interest
  • J2 research tree http://tree.j2-m172.info/
  • SNP coordinates merging from hg19/b37 to hg38
  • Novel SNP research mainly based on YFull analysis
  • ISOGG J2 tree updating (tough)
  • FTDNA J2 and downstream SNP Pack updating
  • FTDNA J2 Tree updating
C) Retirement from time consuming Admin tasks: 
  • retirement (at least for the public and members) as main J2@FTDNA Administrator
  • no more regular single kit support in the J2@FTDNA Activity Feed and by E-Mail
  • no more regular support in the J2 Facebook group
  • reduced support to NextGenSequencing results (BigY etc) without completed YFull YTree analysis
  • and other things which possibly can be done by other Admins
  • Seeking for more J2 Team Volunteers (Admins, Moderators, Support): https://j2-m172.info/research/team/
Thank you for your understanding.
Chris Rottensteiner, main J2@FTDNA Administrator and Researcher since late 2013