FTDNA J-M172 SNP Pack (xM67,L24) Beta release

Suggestions for members of the J2-M172 Project@FTDNA:

  • 109 SNPs downstream of M172, see J2-FTDNA-SNP-pack_2015-09-09_and-research-tree.PDF
  • optimized for all currently researched subclades except M67 and L24 (will have their own SNP Pack)
  • recommended for kits who won’t invest in NGS (BigY) and like to get a good value for 1/5 of the BigY price
  • recommended for kits without SNP testing who do not have 37+ marker matches with terminal SNP testing
  • recommended for most kits who have done the old Deep Clade SNP tests
  • recommended for most kits who have not tested any of the three last terminal haplogroups
  • not recommended for kits in M67 or L24 groups! (FTDNA does suggest this offer to kits without and even some with SNP testing)

The introductory beta price of $99 will be available for one week or until we reach 192 orders, whichever comes first. Please note that this price will be changed without prior notice.

Ordering will be available trough a myFTDNA start page banner or the Haplotree and SNPs page or on the Advanced Tests page (select:  Test Type SNP Pack > J-M172).

Initial positioning according to FTDNA:

Includes the following SNPs on the haplotree:
M172, M410, CTS7683, L26, PF5197, PF5172, PF5191, PF5174, L24, L25, PF5125, M67, Z500, Z467, M319, PF5050, PF5058, PF5056, P279, M340, M12, Z575, M241, Z1297, L283, Z628, Z590, Z1048, M205, PF7316, M68, M419, PF7384, Z35865, SK1317, Y12386, Z6049, PF5088, Z7430, FGC15782, Y14678, Y7708, Z6065, S23154, Y8378, Y8880, Z1846, Z2227, FGC16088, FGC16096, FGC35005, PH4970, Z2222

Includes the following SNPs that are NOT on the haplotree:
CTS9636, FGC15865, FGC30776, L290, PF5183, PF5252, PF7320, PF7413, PF7415, PF7418, PF7421, PH3085, S15439, S18115, S19231, S23891, S25338, SK1363, SK1390, SK1395, SK1396, Y5168, Y5169, Y5500, Y8991, Y8992, Y9347, Y965, Y972, Y978, Y998, YP113, YP129, Z1296, Z2443, Z2444, Z2448, Z28502, Z34440, Z34460, Z36800, Z6048, Z6057, Z6060, Z6064, Z6091, Z8430, Z8429, Z8428, Z8425, Z7366, Z7671, Z7700, Z8074, Z8085

Optimizations suggested to FTDNA:

  1. CTS9636: to replace with Z2456 (upstream split, more informative)
    PF7316: remove, Francalacci verified equivalent to M205
    Z590: remove, equivalent to L283
  2. SK1313: recurrent, replace with SK1321
    include Z8282 or Z2433
    include CTS3617, CTS6190 and PH1602
    include Z8323
    include PH4306
    include SK1366
  3. Z1846: maybe replace with CTS4800?
    Z2222: maybe replace with Z2220?
    Z35865: maybe remove, equivalent to SK1317?


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