J2a2-PF5050,PF5053: refinement based on analysis of Sardinian and Kuwaiti data

J2a2 2015-07-28

J2a2 2015-07-28

The publication of Francalacci et al. 2015 Sardinian samples 826-835 as well the BigY result of 208140 Kuwait allowed further refinement of the J2a2 subclades which is very needed since not many Y-NextGenSequences in this Haplogroup are known. Earlier ancient and modern genomes allowed the discovery of  J2a2-PH3085,SK1403: Ancient Altai, modern Uygur and Turkish.

Sardinian 826-828: form the Z28317,Z28324 clade downstream of PF5058,PF5035 and parallel to PF7384,PF5000.
Sardinian 827-828: form the Z28370,Z28373 clade approx. downstream of Z28317,Z28324.
E16051 Lebanon BigY results by Geno2 PF5058,PF5035(xPF7384,PF5000) are pending and expected to share some SNPs with the Sardinians.

Sardinian 832-835: form the PF5048,PF5070 clade which was already included in the J2-M172 Research Tree but with the new data seems to be confirmed and not sharing any SNPs downstream of PF5056,PF4993 with the other two subclades Z35890,P279 and PH3085,SK1403.

Sardinian 830-831 and 208140 Kuwait: form the Z28420,Z38500 clade downstream of Z35890,P279 and parallel to M340.
Sardinian 830-831: form the Z28412,Z28424 clade approx. downstream of Z28420,Z38500.
It would be very useful for better comparison if 208140 Kuwait orders the YFull analysis and joins the YF-J2a group.

Involved SNPs

PF5050 Additional equiv. SNPs:

2771681 C G J2a2 Z35772
17784597 G T J2a2 Z35773
21498408 A C J2a2 Z35774
22517208 C G J2a2 Z35775
8151589 G A J2a2 Z38487

Z35890,P279 Additional equiv. SNPs:

8562101 T C J2a2a1a1 Z35890
7053529 T C J2a2a1a1 Z37824
9822441 C G J2a2a1a1 Z37825
23590801 T C J2a2a1a1 Z37826
16280809 A C J2a2a1a1 Z38497


15903208 A G J2a2a1a1b Z28420
24002273 G T J2a2a1a1b Z38500
14021829 C A J2a2a1a1b approx. Z38515
14190885 C T J2a2a1a1b approx. Z38516
14415604 A C J2a2a1a1b approx. Z38517



23294100 C A J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28411
15308317 T C J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28412
21841018 C A J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28413
16456278 C T J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28414
18980884 C T J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28415
23029428 G A J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28416
18199809 T C J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28417
19560421 T G J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28418
17112461 C T J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28419
17661691 G A J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28421
18159848 T C J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28422
19149033 G C J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28423
21837251 C T J2a2a1a1b1 approx. Z28424


21858409 T C J2a2a1a3 approx. PF5048
23607452 C A J2a2a1a3 approx. PF5061
8457657 A G J2a2a1a3 approx. PF5070
9064867 T C J2a2a1a3 approx. PF5072
22937166 T G J2a2a1a3 approx. PF5082
8676462 C T J2a2a1a3 approx. Z38498
7341882 A T J2a2a1a3 approx. Z28427


17741700 T C J2a2a2 Z28306
7075373 G C J2a2a2 Z28317
19054115 C T J2a2a2 Z28320
7109579 T C J2a2a2 Z28321
15129155 C G J2a2a2 Z28324
28784560 C T J2a2a2 Z28326
17883421 T C J2a2a2 Z28328
23073420 C T J2a2a2 Z28361


17942545 C G J2a2a2a approx. Z28367
23289386 G A J2a2a2a approx. Z28368
2678047 C T J2a2a2a approx. Z28369
17511658 A T J2a2a2a approx. Z28370
23486681 T A J2a2a2a approx. Z28371
18794816 C A J2a2a2a approx. Z28372
15359752 C T J2a2a2a approx. Z28373
16001844 G T J2a2a2a approx. Z28374


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