J2b-M205>PH4306: a little substructure for this isolated lineage

J2b1 tree before the M205+ confirmation for the Sards

J2b1 tree before the M205+ confirmation for the Sards

The diversification of J2b into M205,CTS560,PF7316 and the brother Z575,CTS2622/Z1827 seems to have happened a long time ago (YTree v3.12 16200 ybp) while the diversification of M205 was possibly only 5600 ybp. So this seems a long time of isolation without expansions if no so far undetected splits do exist. Using data from Hallast et al 2014 and Estonian Biocentre / Karmin et al 2015 as well as known 1000 Genomes Project, Magoon et al 2013 and two BigY FTDNA results it was possible to find possible equivalents to M205 (CTS3833 and maybe Z38486) as well as define more substructure of M205. PF7320,PF7370 as well as three M205* NGS results suggest a considerable expansion at the time of M205,CTS3833. Regarding the status of M205 in Sardinian samples 918-921 (PF et al 2015) Paulo Francalacci kindly confirmed the samples are M205+.

Current Research tree link: tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2b1

By using the published Y-STR23 haplotypes in Hallast et al 2014 (PH) it was possible to identify likely matches in the J2@FTDNA project:

  • EB-13746 Armenian: 48584 Romero Mexico, 80660 Romero
  • PH-tur-12 Turkish: 270426 Gaglio NW Sicily
  • EB-16181 Jordanian: no matches found
  • EB-16882 Mumbai Bene Israel Jew: 239983 Samuel, 237684 Benjamin, 26679 Sardar
  • PH-pal-5232 Palestinian: 265129 Qatar
  • PH-gre-3 Greek: 167100 Palazzotto (Palasota), NW Sicily
  • possible matches to PH4306: 248827, 311807

Data of the involved SNPs (Hg19, b37 position):

15587509 T A J2b1 M205
15216701 A C J2b1 CTS3833
13132613 G A J2b1a approx. Z38486
19180830 T A J2b1a PH4306
14284001 T G J2b1a1 PH1089
16775884 A G J2b1a1a PH2514
16988225 T G J2b1a1a PH2734



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