J2b-PH1751,PH2967: brother of Z1297

J2b-PH1751 2015-07-11

J2b-PH1751 2015-07-11

The analysis of Sicilian, Circassian/Abazin and Greek samples revealed this new ISOGG candidate downstream of Z1296/CTS8995 and parallel to Z1297. Little is known about the further distribution but the best matching haplotypes are Albanian/Macedonian, Austrian and one probably from todays Turkey.

Z1296 is currently estimated by YFull YTree v3.12 to have diversified ca. 3,800 years ago. The genetic distance between the Sicilian and Circassian/Abazin is not high and therefore a recent expansion (Middle Ages?) possible. Further Splits between Z1296/CTS8995 and PH1751,PH2967 can be expected by additional J2b-Z1296(xZ1297) samples.

The 22 involved SNPs: PH1084, PH1751, PH2202, PH2618, PH2967, PH3120, PH3168, PH4581, PH4679, PH4861, Z38294, Z38295, Z38296, Z38297, Z38298, Z38299, Z38300, Z38301, PH1270, YFS366130, YFS366166, Z1911.x

Z38298, Z38299, Z38300 are likely negative in the Greek sample since not reported but in the Y-coverage of the Hallast et al 2014 study.

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