J2b-CTS3617: southern brother of Z638 detected in Balkans and Italy

J2b-CTS3617 2015-07-09

J2b-CTS3617 2015-07-09

Two samples uploaded to YFull allowed a more detailed analysis of this clade so far only marginally known. Parallel to Z638,CTS12554 (father of to the known Z1296/CTS8995) this branch seems to be more southern and was not detected so far in Northwest Europe.

Basic structure

  • CTS3617, Y15058/Z34462
    • {Z38240.}
      • PH1602, PH1601
        • {PH2350, PH502}
          • [PH3514, PH4583]
            [(306997/YF02051 Bulgaria YFS 11+10-5)]
            [(ser-13 Serbia PH14 6-5)]
          • [(ser-9 Serbia PH14 8)]
        • [(221998 Unknown Origin)]
    • [CTS6190, Z34473]
      [(NA20816 Tuscan)]
      [(129441 Unknown Origin)]
    • [(PF15 910 Sardinian)]*?
  • [(B4848/YF03418 C.Italy YFS 17+9)]

Having kits 221998 and 129441 do YFull analysis would allow further certification of the structure in this branches.

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