Z39600, Z39603: third split under J2a-M319, so far Iberian

Z39600,Z39603 under M319 (2016-01)

Z39600,Z39603 under M319 (2016-01)

Analysis of two BigY SNP reports of FTDNA allowed to refine the M319 subtree.
Kit N96398 Pastrana Advincula shares 48 SNPs with an anonymous 1000 Genomes sample from Spain: HG01781.
Kit 280709 shares 44 of those SNPs and additionally two more with HG01781 only.

I pre-registered the SNPs and defined haplogroups Z39600,Z39603 and Z39632,Z39622. The latter needs confirmation trough more comprehensive BAM analysis like trough YFull for confirmation and TMRCA age estimates.
See research tree: tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2a1a1a1b2a

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