J2a-Z6064(xZ6063) confirmed and new split of PH4959,PH4856 (upstream) and PH4099,PH890 (downstream).

Detail of PH4959 research tree

Detail of PH4959 research tree

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I have done analysis on the new BigY result of 410707 Qatar.
He splits the haplogroup so far shared only of 14919/YF03482 Fryer and Pal-5257 Palestinian into PH4959,PH4856 (shared) and PH4099,PH890 (unshared). So the current path from J2a ancestor down to 14919 now is:
J2a PF4610>L26>Z6064>PH4959>PH890

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Astonishing: “nearest” kit with GD 32/67 in J2 project is N22333 Martelli. It is a long time since I have seen such a “lonely” J2 haplotype.

For TMRCA of PH4959 (age estimate) and many more value of the BigY raw data (BAM file) YFull analysis order is always suggested.
See yfull.com/tree/J-Z6064

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