J2a-Z6048: refinement in the no-Caucasus J2a* clade

Recent new NextGenSequence results being derived/positive for J2a-Z6048 (old J2a* and without considerable Caucasus presence like the brother SK1321/Y12622) allowed a substantial improvement of the phylogeny. See also tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2a1b1, yfull.com/tree/J-Z6050/

Wim Penninx helped by filtering reliable combBED area SNPs from the two Punjab samples.
The YFull raw-data analysis of the Sardinian samples is the only way to reconstruct satisfyingly reliable terminal haplogroups out of this low-coverage-sequencing. In doubt now more samples are left in the same terminal group because too often assumptions without the possibility to check for underived/negative status revealed as inaccurate especially if based only on a few haplogroup defining SNPs.
Careful reanalysis of the ancient I0708 NW.Anatolia sample allowed to assess that Z6050, Z6052 are underived and therefore the ancient paragroup to date has no modern samples.
During the research Z43501, Z43503, Z43504 +65 were registered as defining the Jewish Z6048 group. Currently it is likely the two samples do not represent all of the Y-DNA diversity of the STR-cluster, so further testing will be needed. Trough ERR1395578 Jordan the YFull analysis possibly improved the tree (Z38481, S15572 and S23560/Z29422) and finally Z43567, Z43568, Z43569 +39 were registered to represent the two Punjab samples (one a new BigY result).

Involved primary defining SNPs (hg19/b37 see docs.google.com/J2-M172_spreadsheet):

22184959 C T J2a1b1 S24092
15632863 T C J2a1b1 Z6048
16270041 G T J2a1b1 S18075
17125984 A G J2a1b1a Z6050
21337045 A G J2a1b1a Z6052
22799615 G C J2a1b1a1 Z38481
14174313 G T J2a1b1a1 S15572
21797070 A G J2a1b1a1a Inv. S23560/Z29422
16049491 T G J2a1b1a1a1 S23891
22026202 G A J2a1b1a1a1 Z28449
7323507 A G J2a1b1a1a1 S22011
18160024 A C J2a1b1a1a1a S20731
18593048 C T J2a1b1a1a1a approx. S21050
21283524 C A J2a1b1a1a1a1 Z28501
21365809 C T J2a1b1a1a1a1 Z28502
21134375 T C J2a1b1a1a1a1 Z28500
14096410 A G J2a1b1a1a2 Z43501
22005639 C A J2a1b1a1a2 Z43503
14897135 T C J2a1b1a1a2 Z43504
14750639 C T J2a1b1a2 Z43567
22603132 A G J2a1b1a2 Z43568
15405981 G C J2a1b1a2 Z43569

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