Refinement for J2b2a-M241 (including L283,Z622,Z2447,Z2444)



Just a short content post about a refinement in the most important J2b subclade.

The smaller Z2447,Z2444 Asian subclade (in terms of discovered subclades) can bee seen in the post image.

The broader L283,Z622 European subclade state can be downloaded as a PDF.

  • L283, CTS5649, CTS5382, Z622, Z612, Z615, Z616, Z617, Z607, Z638, Z594, Z597, Z592, Z582, Z585, Z587, Z588, Z589, Z590, Z576, Z2521, Z2675, CTS11773, Z2520, CTS10153, CTS174, CTS9313, CTS5683:

    • Z590, Z627, CTS3681, Z600:
      • Z585:
        • Z628, Z2507, Z615, Z584:
          • Z1296
            • Z1297, Z1298, Z637
              • Z1295, Z631, CTS2105, Z639, Z634, Z636, CTS2105:
                • Z1043, Z1048:
                  • Z8425, Z8424:
                    • CTS11760:
                    • Y12007:
                      • Y12005, Y12004, Y12000:
                        • Y12936, Y12937:
                          • Y21460:
                            • Y23720:
                          • Y21525:
                    • Z39660, Z39661:
                  • PH1553, PH1656:
                  • Y26712:
              • Y23094, B440:
            • PH2967, PH1751, PH2202, PH4861, Z38299, Z38298, Z38300:
          • CTS3617, CTS9215, Y15058:
            • Z38240
              • CTS6190, Y16504, Z34473:
                • Y22040, Y22878, CTS5400:
              • Z38241:
                • PH1602, PH1601:
                  • PH2350:
                    • PH502, PH1568, PH3514, PH4583:
            • Z40052, Z40053:
              • Z40054:

SNPs b37/hg19

21826477 T C J2b2a1 S23613/Z2521
21864316 C T J2b2a1 S23664/Z2675
23263853 C T J2b2a1 CTS11773/Z2401
21372334 T C J2b2a1 Z2520
19295619 G C J2b2a1 CTS10153
2784289 C T J2b2a1 CTS174/Z2405
18817203 T G J2b2a1 CTS9313/Z2518
16429120 G A J2b2a1 CTS5683/Z2514
8299211 C A J2b2a1a Z590
23129657 T A J2b2a1a Z627
15102952 G T J2b2a1a CTS3681/Z2509
7155622 A C J2b2a1a1 Z585
9872899 G A J2b2a1a1a Z2507
19236096 G C J2b2a1a1a Z615
7154510 T C J2b2a1a1a Z584
9850764 T C J2b2a1a1a1a1 Z637
22204451 C T J2b2a1a1a1a1 Z1298
14183821 T A J2b2a1a1a1a1a CTS2105/Z2531
6916681 T C J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a Z8424
23254948 C T J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1a CTS11760
23970087 C T J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b Y12007
21508780 A G J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1 Y12004
21521652 A G J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1 Y12005
14744859 T G J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1 Y12000
15903299 C G J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1a Y12936
21361876 C G J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1a Y12937
7228013 G A J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1a1 Y21460
6699265 J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1a1a Y23720
9085860 J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1b1a2 Y21525
21441331 T C J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1c approx. Z39660
15506345 G C J2b2a1a1a1a1a1a1c approx. Z39661
14983036 C T J2b2a1a1a1a1a2 PH1553
15327359 C T J2b2a1a1a1a1a2 PH1656
22859492 T A J2b2a1a1a1a1a3 Y26712
15258129 C T J2b2a1a1a1a3 approx. Y23094
2767729 G A J2b2a1a1a1a3 approx. B440
17324931 G C J2b2a1a1a1b PH2967
15537583 T C J2b2a1a1a1b1 PH1751
16343184 T G J2b2a1a1a1b1 PH2202
21657460 T C J2b2a1a1a1b1 PH4861
16339207 T A J2b2a1a1a1b1 likely Z38299
15350885 C T J2b2a1a1a1b1 likely Z38298
21607118 T C J2b2a1a1a1b1 likely Z38300
15072752 C T J2b2a1a1b CTS3617
18753091 C T J2b2a1a1b CTS9215
8794308 C G J2b2a1a1b Y15058/Z34462
13673643 C T J2b2a1a1b1 Inv. Z38240
2893654 J2b2a1a1b1a Y16504
16718918 G T J2b2a1a1b1a CTS6190
7738718 T C J2b2a1a1b1a Z34473
21654197 T G J2b2a1a1b1a1 Y22040
18424831 C T J2b2a1a1b1a1 Y22878
16251545 G T J2b2a1a1b1a1 CTS5400
22302733 T C J2b2a1a1b1b Inv. Z38241
15059151 T C J2b2a1a1b1b1 PH1601
15071212 T A J2b2a1a1b1b1 PH1602
16553979 T C J2b2a1a1b1b1a approx. PH2350
7187386 G A J2b2a1a1b1b1a1 approx. PH502
15018764 T C J2b2a1a1b1b1a1 approx. Inv. PH1568
17921270 G A J2b2a1a1b1b1a1a approx. PH3514
19549432 A C J2b2a1a1b1b1a1a approx. PH4583
23429009 C T J2b2a1a1b2 Z40052
8539814 G C J2b2a1a1b2 Z40053
16231183 T C J2b2a1a1b2 Z40054


13991949 G A J2b2a2 Z2447
21270253 T A J2b2a2 Z8272
16740982 T A J2b2a2 Y977
7508082 G T J2b2a2 Z2432
17735740 T G J2b2a2a Z8282
23081456 T C J2b2a2a Z2438
14931563 C T J2b2a2a2 Y12365
23326308 A G J2b2a2a2 Z8332
17338205 C A J2b2a2a2 Y978
21900513 C T J2b2a2a2a Z8324
21815451 G A J2b2a2a2a Z8323

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