J2b2b-PH1648,Z2455,Z2454 refined: Y18044,CTS8204 & Z42941>Z42983



One of the oldest paragroups of J2b gets a little refined by cross-analysis of the known samples and the new YFull sample SRR2098211 Qatar which should form an ancestral haplogroup with the Jewish subcluster Z42983. It is not known if the PGP29 sample is also of known Jewish ancestry but a BigY match to B12464 is and shares at least the three primary SNPs Z42983, Z42984, Z42985. Hopefully he joins J2 research and uploads to YFull for better certification of the structure.
Trees: tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2b2b, yfull.com/tree/J-Z2453/

b37/hg19 SNPs

15277097 A C J2b2b PH1648
18787844 G A J2b2b CTS9267/Z2455
21334442 T C J2b2b Y18043/Z38245
17876325 G A J2b2b Y18042
8546259 G C J2b2b Z2456
17121632 C A J2b2b CTS6812/Z2454
7893965 G A J2b2b Z2453
19456571 T C J2b2b Z2457
23350929 C T J2b2b1 Y18044
15038312 C T J2b2b1 Y18039
17878993 G A J2b2b1 CTS8204
21772069 A G J2b2b2 Z42941
15154569 C T J2b2b2 Z42942
14496906 G A J2b2b2 Z42943
15573946 T A J2b2b2 Z42944
16898808 C T J2b2b2 Z42945
21516526 C A J2b2b2 Z42946
22551613 A G J2b2b2 Z42947
22590650 A G J2b2b2 Z42948
18018196 A G J2b2b2 Z42949
21992193 A G J2b2b2 Z42950
18572778 G A J2b2b2 Z42951
17291239 C T J2b2b2 Z42952
15903303 C T J2b2b2 Z42953
18759061 A C J2b2b2 Z42954
17281699 T C J2b2b2 Z42955
21258410 C A J2b2b2 Z42956
7874201 A G J2b2b2 Z42957
18671061 C G J2b2b2 Z42958
14970587 G A J2b2b2 Z42959
15678989 A G J2b2b2 Z42960
17985993 G A J2b2b2 Z42961
8640948 G A J2b2b2 Z42962
19485168 C T J2b2b2 Z42963
17350290 T C J2b2b2 Z42964
17395098 C T J2b2b2 Z42965
17905587 C T J2b2b2 Z42966
8365361 T C J2b2b2 Z42967
16282950 A G J2b2b2 Z42968
19408295 A G J2b2b2 Z42969
8645832 T C J2b2b2 Z42970
8189527 C T J2b2b2 Z42971
19347586 T C J2b2b2 Z42972
7534378 T A J2b2b2 Z42973
15456551 T C J2b2b2 Z42974
8132566 C T J2b2b2 Z42975
14528905 A G J2b2b2 Z42976
8152006 A T J2b2b2 Z42977
23568624 A G J2b2b2 Z42978
14322525 T C J2b2b2 Z42979
8686513 T C J2b2b2 Z42980
8833116 T C J2b2b2 Z42981
23821364 A G J2b2b2 Z42982
16810301 G C J2b2b2a approx. Z42983
2911693 C T J2b2b2a approx. Z42984
14748794 A G J2b2b2a approx. Z42985
15371279 A G J2b2b2a approx. Z42986
14789213 A C J2b2b2a approx. Z42987
14373208 C T J2b2b2a approx. Z42988
2691553 G A J2b2b2a approx. Z42989
18423677 A G J2b2b2a approx. Z42990
17341860 T C J2b2b2a approx. Z42991
8590697 C G J2b2b2a approx. Z42992
18244262 A C J2b2b2a approx. Z42993
8498271 G A J2b2b2a approx. Z42994
15972076 C T J2b2b2a approx. Z42995
17271730 G T J2b2b2a approx. Z42996
15941034 A G J2b2b2a approx. Z42997
8364701 A G J2b2b2a approx. Z42998
16456943 C T J2b2b2a approx. Z42999
19508751 G A J2b2b2a approx. Z43000
13853477 C A J2b2b2a approx. Z43001
8098459 A C J2b2b2a approx. Z43002
16195358 G A J2b2b2a approx. Z43003
8021316 C G J2b2b2a approx. Z43004
24391143 A C J2b2b2a approx. Z43005
28757625 A C J2b2b2a approx. Z43006

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