possibly J2b1-M205 basal structure defined: CTS1969,CTS5338,YP13,PH4306,PH1089,Y22066

J2b1-M205 research-tree 2016-11a

J2b1-M205 research-tree 2016-11a

Further analysis of NextGenSequences at YFull (see yfull.com/tree/J-M205/) combined with results from scientific studies (SNP, VCF & BAM results) has revealed a more consistent and hopefully informative basal substructure for J-M205 (see tree.j2-m172.info/?Hg=J2b1) then what was available at the latest major update: J2b-M205>PH4306: a little substructure for this isolated lineage.
See also yfull.com/tree/J-M205/

It seems likely that the many remaining J2b1-M205* samples will define further basal structure (indicating a rapid expansion of M205 after a long time without modern Y-Cousins).

EDIT: further analysis and discussion with FTDNA led to the conclusion that CTS1969 is the parent of CTS5338 and PH4306 (and YP13).
Regarding origin and expansion beside the YFull YTree v4.09 M205 TMRCA 5500 ybp we have two telling ancient DNA samples which seems fortunate for M205:
2489-2299 BC Early Bronze Age North-Western Jordan (‘Ain Ghazal, sample I1730/AG_84_3083_116) in Lazaridis et al. 2016 is J2b1-PF7331(xPF7312);
100-300 AD exogenous Roman era York (sample 3DRIF-26, likely Middle Eastern origin) in Martiniano et al 2016 is J2b1-M205
So the most likely M205 expansion origin seems to be the Western Fertile Crescent. For the subclades CTS5338, Y22524, CTS10179 +13 seems from Iberic Middle Ages, YP13, YP51 +4 is probably not much younger then M205 and still of Fertile Crescent origin while PH4306, {Y22075} is only slightly younger then M205 and likely has the same origin and expansion.

hg19/b37 SNP mutations table

19180830 T A J2b1b PH4306
18591943 A T J2b1b Y22075
14284001 T G J2b1b1 PH1089
J2b1b1 Inv. B247
16988225 T G J2b1b1a PH2734
16775884 A G J2b1b1a PH2514
15491364 A G J2b1b2 Y22066
21660572 C T J2b1b2 Y22079
7084082 G T J2b1b2 Y22060
14136163 G T J2b1a CTS1969
16214089 G A J2b1a1 CTS5338
22081463 G A J2b1a1 Y22524
8589228 C T J2b1a1 Y22530
19311571 T C J2b1a1 CTS10179
7073204 A G J2b1a2 YP13
14695249 C T J2b1a2 YP51

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